In 2020 the Pacer gets wound up another notch with an all new 48V electrical system and display. The result is a higher motor RPM and shorter commute times. Designed to be your daily ride, the Pacer 48V is your quick and safe transport solution.

The Pacer integrates an all-new full colour 3.2” LCD display recessed into the frame top tube.

Smartmotion’s 48 volt integrated battery keeps weight low and central for the smoothest ride.

PAS or Throttle (optional upgrade), your choice. The Pacer senses your pedal input and adds E-power to give a smooth super human ride, or give yourselve a boost with a touch of throttle.

“See where you are going as well as being seen”. Smartmotion introduces Lightsaver system. Designed so you will be seen on the road. Dual high visibility LED strips on the rear carrier and an under frame LED strip that lights your path and makes your stand out. This combined with a super bright front light make the Pacer the brightest bike on the market.

All electric bikes can be viewed our Thorndon Quay shop. We have free parking and a car free area to test ride.